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What happens if Britain leaves the European Union without a deal

Last updated on October 5, 2019


What happens if Britain leaves the European Union without a deal. A new report published by the UK government highlights just how bad things could get if no-deal Brexit becomes a reality. The report called Operation yellow hammer lays out the worst-case scenario if Britain leaves without a deal and the outcomes are not favorable. There could be waiting periods of up to two and a half days at border crossings. Essential medicines could become scarce and fresh food supply could also be hindered. The reports basically pain a dull picture for cross-border transport and trade as predicted by several experts. The financial system of Britain could take a hit and fuel shortages are also a possibility. Now the report concludes that the people of Britain are simply not ready for a No Deal Brexit and that the negative effects of an abrupt Brexit could, in fact, linger on for weeks and maybe even months. Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn squarely blame Boris Johnson for the damning report and said that the Prime Minister was prepared to punish the common people who could not afford a no-deal Brexit. The report was published after the UK Parliament voted to force the government into releasing it. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been adamant on leaving the EU with or without a deal on October 31st. He had even asked the country to grace itself for a No Deal Brexit. Now one of the sticking points in the deal has been the claws of a backstop in Northern Ireland. Johnson reiterated that he would like to see the claws removed since the Parliament is in favor. From UK politics let’s shift our attention over to Canada where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who’s being admired abroad for his progressive policies is reputation, however, is damaged by scandals at home. Trudeau has now kicked off a six-week reelection campaign but opinion polls are suggesting that his hold on power will be weakened. Remember Trudeau who swept to office in November 2015 stressing on the importance of gender equality gay rights and the environment, now this is an electorate more focused on the economy and affordability when it votes on 21st October this year. But Trudeau may not win enough seats to govern by himself after the series of missteps that called into question. His leadership while cutting him to his once sky-high popularity. A recent research full source at liberals at 34.6% and the main opposition conservatives at 30.7%. This margin would not be enough to guarantee a majority of seats for Trudeau. Trudeau’s challenges that he’s running on his record rather than the uplifting message of hope and change that help the Liberals attract record numbers of green youth and general voters in 2050. liberals, however, sight near record low jobless numbers booming growth and lower levels of poverty as grounds for reelection.


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