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Over 2,90,000 households lose power: Storm in Japan

Last updated on October 6, 2019


Powerful typhoon with record-breaking wind speeds and heavy rains has made its landfall near Tokyo.

The hundreds of thousands in the greater Tokyo area have been advised to evacuate , as forecasters have warned of winds reaching speeds of almost 210 kilometers per hour. The typhoon comes after North Korea had been hit by a separate typhoon that had left five people dead the store was also affected transport with almost about a hundred bullet trains and a hundred flights having been canceled according to the Tokyo Electric Power Company.

Honest about three hundred thousand households have lost power connections as typhoon foxy have made its landfall. Authorities also issued non-company evacuation orders warning nearly about 400,000 people in Kanagawa in Shizuoka and Tokyo Prefecture to evacuate if they can the facts is now traveling not at speeds ones about 20 to 150 kilometers per hour and is expected to hit not East in Japan. Authorities in the country warned of possible landslides and rivers breaking their banks meanwhile on the other side of the globe hurricane durian ripped through the Bahamas with category five wins in the United States Agency for International Development has compared the damage from the hurricane to dot of a nuclear bomb the feast about 43 fatalities have been confirmed in the Bahamas so far and the number is expected to rise.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Hubert’s ministers called the loss of losses catastrophic and devastating with as many are about 70,000 people have been left homeless. About 35,000 people have been evacuated to the capital city of NASA so far, and a number of passenger planes cruiseliners government boards and ships have arrived to transport evacuees and Nosov and also to Florida in the United States , and also according to the United Nations World Food Program almost about 70,000 people are in need of food and shelter.

The islands have a population of about 400,000 the US Agency for International Development is working with the government of providing emergency shelter, medical care , food, and water always about 90% of the infrastructure has been damaged in the marsh Harbor. Marsh Harbor is the biggest town in the Abacos and also one that has been hardest hit. The search and rescue crews with cadaver dogs have been dispatched for the Abaco Islands. The US Coast Guard and navy are shipping and relief supplies continuously plane that the aid has been very slow in arriving