Sat. Sep 21st, 2019


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Anti-India banners were removed by Iran from Pakistan’s consulate in Mashhad

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The Iranian officials have forcibly removed anti-India banners from the Pakistani consulate in the Iranian city of Mashhad, but the incident took place on the 15th August. Remember, Pakistan had observed the so-called Kashmir solidarity day on the 15th August to protest against the abrogation of article 370. The banners were removed in the middle of the night from the walls of Pakistani consulate in the city of Mashhad that there aren’t has termed the action is undiplomatic and it has warned Islamabad to refrain from spreading its propaganda from a third country. Pakistan has, of course, remain defiant its stance saying that the country was within its rights to display the messages and Pakistan’s deputy envoy in Iran has taken off the matter with the Iranian Foreign Ministry. Iran is also added that while Pakistan is a brotherly country, India is definitely not an enemy. The anti-India protests have been on the rise in Iran as Pakistani missions continue to organize them without any permission. The Pakistani mission and Dysport have been constantly organizing protests since the application of article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir and this, of course, comes after the massive vandalization of the Indian High Commission in London by the Pakistani diaspora and the Pakistani supporters. Global protests have also happened outside of Indian nations in Washington , South Korea and also in Germany by Pakistani affiliated groups.